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Why Should an Oral Surgeon Place My Dental Implants?

While some dentists place dental implants for their patients, many refer their patients to our office for placement of implants. Oral surgeons are better equipped to perform implant surgery than general dentists for a variety of reasons. Although dentists are skilled in a wide range of dental procedures, opting for one of our oral surgeons for your dental implant needs offers several distinct advantages.

Education & Training

Oral surgeons undergo extensive education and training beyond dental school, focusing on surgical procedures involving the oral and maxillofacial regions. Our surgeons have completed four to six years of additional residency training, equipping them with advanced knowledge and skills necessary for complex surgical interventions like dental implant placement.

Greater Understanding of Facial & Bone Structure

As oral surgeons, we possess an in-depth understanding and expertise in facial and bone structure. This knowledge is essential for precise implant placement, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics. We can accurately assess bone density, volume, and facial structure, determining the most suitable implant location for long-term stability and support.


Oral surgeons specialize in surgical procedures, including dental implants, and perform them regularly as a significant part of their practice. This experience results in refined surgical skills and a deep understanding of potential challenges that may arise during the procedure. Dentists perform a wide range of procedures and typically perform dental implant surgery only occasionally.

Emergency Care

Despite meticulous planning, complications can occur on rare occasions during any surgical procedure. Our oral surgeons are equipped to manage such emergencies swiftly and effectively due to their advanced training and experience. Whether it’s managing unexpected bleeding, nerve injury, or other complications, we are prepared to address these situations with expertise and precision. We have all the tools and training needed to alleviate discomfort and address problems without transferring you to another facility.

Anesthesia Options

Our oral surgeons can access a broader range of anesthesia options than general dentists. We tailor our anesthesia techniques to each patient’s unique needs and preferences, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Whether it’s local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia, we can provide appropriate anesthesia to optimize patient comfort and minimize anxiety.

Choosing OMS of Northeast Texas for dental implant placement offers numerous advantages, including advanced education and training, facial and bone structure expertise, extensive surgical experience, the ability to handle emergencies, and access to various anesthesia options. By entrusting your dental implant procedure to one of our qualified oral surgeons, you can enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome and enjoy the benefits of a restored smile with confidence.

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