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Eyelid Surgery in Texarkana & Paris TX

The eyes are a prominent facet of the human face. Although the eyes are expressionless structures, the surrounding skin conveys emotion. The skin, muscle, fat, hair, and lashes all contribute to the wide array of expressions. Unfortunately, wrinkles and deep lines as well as puffiness under the lids develop as you age. In addition, exposure to the sun as well as hereditary factors contribute to the aging process, all resulting in changes of expression. In many cases, people may look fatigued and worn out, and older than their true age. Beyond possible visual impairment, these changes in your appearance can cause stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, Dr. Bunel, Dr. Legan, and Dr. Hastings are trained in several surgical procedures, such as blepharoplasty, forehead lift, and brow lift in order to eliminate a majority of these problems.

Before Surgery

Prior to surgery, we will evaluate your medical history in order to better understand your overall health. In addition, a complete examination of your eyes and face are made in order to take the most effective surgical approach. The amount, distribution, and type of excess skin to be removed is carefully reviewed.

We will provide you with pre-operative instructions that may include the elimination of specific drugs containing aspirin several weeks before surgery to minimize excess bleeding. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent infection.

The areas that will be excised are marked and photographs or digital images are taken in order to determine the amount of improvement after surgery.


We can perform blepharoplasty to correct sagging eyelids, bags, or pouches beneath the eyes as well as an excess folds around the eyes. This surgical procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat on upper and lower eyelids and is often performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures including facelifts, eyebrow, and forehead lifts. Blepharoplasty is performed or in our surgical facility. It is usually done under IV sedation in order to maximize comfort, but it can be done under local anesthesia in which the area is numbed and you remain awake. Pre-medication is utilized prior to surgery, in order to relax you.

Dr. Bunel, Dr. Legan, or Dr. Hastings will trace the natural lines and creases of your face and make incredibly fine incisions from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelid. Surgery on the upper eyelid is performed first with the incision made in the fold of the lid. The incision is made below the eyelash on the lower eyelid. Any excess fat and skin are removed from the underlying compartments. The amount of fat excised is determined by the degree of protrusion of fat when pressure is applied to the area. Small sutures are used to close the incision and special ointments and dressings may be applied.

Post-Operative Information

Excess drying of the eyes can occur after blepharoplasty, but this condition can be alleviated with medication. In addition, you may be sensitive to bright light and wind for awhile. Numbness and itching may also occur during the healing process. Most patients can resume normal activity within two weeks.


Your insurance company may pay for part or all of the cost of surgery if the procedure is performed as a result of visual impairment. Because every insurance carrier is different, it is recommended that you check with your own insurance company to determine the level of coverage.  It has been our observation that your visual field must be fantastically impaired before medical insurance will pay a benefit. But, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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