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To Our Valued Patients with Delta Dental Insurance

Our commitment to our patients has never wavered over the years. Unfortunately, we have experienced increasing difficulty working with Delta Dental in recent years. Our relationship with this dental insurance provider is changing in the near future. We understand this impacts many of our patients and have not made this decision lightly.

After months of attempting to reach a beneficial resolution for all parties, including our patients, we realize we can no longer be a Preferred Provider in the Delta network. We cannot continue to accept the same level of reimbursement for oral surgery procedures that Delta has provided for seventeen years without an increase.

Over those years, we have invested in continuing education, innovative technologies, and the ever-increasing cost of supplies without Delta’s support. However, in the interest of continuing to provide dental care to our patients with Delta oral surgery insurance, we will continue to accept Delta insurance on a limited basis. We hope the solutions outlined below will help ease the transition and allow our patients to schedule the oral surgery they need.

Paris vs. Texarkana

Delta Insurance considers each location’s reimbursement rates based on zip code, offering higher fees for oral surgery in Paris. Oral surgery performed in Texarkana is covered at a significantly lower rate despite the same high level of care. For this reason, some of our doctors in Texarkana are no longer accepting Delta oral surgery insurance. However, Dr. Burks and Dr. Hastings continue to accept Delta insurance in both locations.

While Drs. Bunel, Duke and Legan all value their patients and hope to continue working with them, they understand that some Texarkana patients may choose to see Dr. Burks or Dr. Hastings for this reason. If you decide to go this route, your records will be transferred to them, and your care will transition seamlessly. Dr. Duke and Dr. Legan will still be accepting Delta Dental at the Paris location, so patients may also choose to drive to that office.

Solutions for Delta Dental Insurance Patients

In the interest of continuing to serve our patients who have Delta dental insurance, we offer several alternatives. We hope these will help alleviate any inconvenience for our patients. We urge our patients to consider other dental insurance options during their next open enrollment period.

  • Patients with Delta insurance can continue with or switch to Dr. Burks or Dr. Hastings.
  • Texarkana Patients with Delta insurance may drive to our Paris location to use their benefits with Dr. Duke or Dr. Legan. The reimbursement level with be determined by the location where the service is performed.
  • Patients can see Drs. Bunel, Duke, or Legan, but pay out of pocket for oral surgery, then apply for reimbursement from Delta. It may take several weeks for reimbursement, but we will do everything we can to expedite reimbursement.
  • Patients can apply for CareCredit, a unique credit card for medical procedures that offers several months of interest-free financing for oral surgery and other dental procedures. In most situations, you will receive reimbursement from Delta before CareCredit begins charging interest.

We always strive to make oral surgery and dental care affordable while maintaining the highest standard of care for our patients. It is unfortunate that we have come to an impasse with Delta dental insurance, but we believe the solutions outlined above will help. If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, do not hesitate to contact us at the Texarkana Office (Texarkana Office Phone Number903-794-3331) or the Paris Office (Paris Office Phone Number903-785-2541). Our staff can help you explore your options.

We hope to continue to serve your oral surgery needs in the future and apologize for any inconvenience. Please understand these changes are the result of our dedication to providing exceptional care to everyone.

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